With successive runs of Flow Tour events in Asia since 2011, we are back with the 9th installation of the Asia Flow Tour.

Over the months of August – September, competitors around Asia may journey to their nearest contest venues and battle for top spots.

The top local finalists from each PRO divisions from each participating qualifying venues will congregate in Paradise Island Waterpark, Chengdu, China on 28-29 September to earn the title of Asian FLOW Champions.

The Asian champions will then take on a bigger challenge as the will be flown to the World Flowboarding Championships (venue & dates TBC)

Wave House Sentosa is hosting Stop #1 – Singaporean Qualifiers of the 2019 Asia FLOW Tour – Saturday, 17 August!


Pro Men’s Flowboard
Pro Women’s Flowboard
Pro Bodyboard

Open Men’s Flowboard
Open Women’s Flowboard
Open Bodyboard
Novice Flowboard

*Divisions subject to change
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Take note that the qualifying venues will be sending the top local riders from their venue of respective divisions (Pro Men’s Flowboard, Pro Women’s Flowboard, Pro Mixed Bodyboard) to the Asian Flow Tour Grand Finals at Paradise Island Waterpark, Chengdu, China. The eventual Tour champions will then be sent to the World Flowboarding Championships as a representative for Team Asia.

Only the top venue representatives in the above mentioned divisions would not compete in the qualifying rounds, as they will be pre-seeded in the following round of competition. They will not be subjected to a contest fee.

For riders who cannot attend any Asia Flow Tour qualifiers due to geographic constraints or for those who fail to qualify at their respective qualifiers, they will have the option to participate in the Wild Cards Selection event that will take place a day before the Grand Finals. We will be shortlisting Wild Card riders per division (Pro Men’s Flowboard, Pro Women’s Flowboard, Pro Mixed Bodyboard) to advance in the following round of the competition where they will then face the pre-seeded venue representatives. This will be their only way of securing a spot in the regional finals. Do note that there will be a contest fee to join the Wild Card selection. They are also welcome to stay at the accommodation provided at a discounted rate or they may also choose to find their own.

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